Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goblins in the forest 1

This is the beginning of an adventure I have created for my 6 year old sister, Chloe. She is playing Balerie. My Dad is playing Maldor.

Balerie the fighter Halfling and Maldor the Magi Elf were in the village inn, waiting for their supper. It was about 6:00 PM on a crisp autumn day. They walked up to a local farmer, who was in town to buy some equipment. The farmer introduced himself as Robert. He said that last night, something strange happened. When he woke up, we found a sheep missing, and a horse injured. He asked if after supper, they could come to his farm and watch out for anything strange. They agreed, also explaining that they had heard of goblins nearby.

They had supper, and it was delicious. They paid for their meal at 7:00, and gave a gold piece as a tip. Then they left with Robert. Half an hour later, they reached the farm. The farmer introduced them to his wife and children, and then the pair set out for the barn, and hid in the hayloft. A few hours later, as Balerie slept, Maldor heard a noise. He roused Balerie. They saw two goblins, heading for the sheep. Balerie threatened  them to leave or else. They left, and the Elf and the Halfling sneaked behind them. They eventually reached the camp. There were about 15 goblins, spread in 6 tents. 7 armed men, 4 women and 4 children. Amongst the seven armed there was the chief. They waited until morning, and then they hatched a plan.

Maldor lit 6 oil flasks, and Balerie threw them at the tents. The doors lit on fire, and they evacuated through the back of the tents, using swords to cut holes. The chief let out a horrible roar. "How dare you burn my camp!" he shouted. Maldor soon put the chief, along with two other fighters, to sleep with a spell. Two of the four remaining men, along with their families, hid behind their burning tents. However, two brothers came running towards them. The Elf, Halfling, and Goblins fought, until Maldor ran to the chief and threatened to kill him. The brothers gave up, and Balerie and Maldor forced the whole camp to travel at leased 3 days away, and never come back. The goblins soon left.

Maldor and Balerie found a tree with a strange carving, and climbed it. A chunk of the hand came away in Balerie's own hand, and looking inside the hole it made, found 5 gold pieces. The pair searched the camp, and found a magic dagger (for Balerie) and a scroll. Maldor opened it, and found it was written in magic runes. He read that there was a great treasure hidden near a town, but he could not read the name. They started to head back to the farm.

Goblin camp

The tree that has strange carvings


  1. Thats a great campaign opener - you gave them a mission, and then left some hooks for them t o begin exploring on their own.

    1. Thanks! I made this one up within 8 hours before the game. Chloe said she wanted to play D&D so I thought of Microlite20. I'm glad it turned out okay!

  2. It was great fun! Chloe was really into it. That was really fun to see. You should add a picture in the post.